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Producer Tips on Beat Podcast

Published 9:00 am on Thursday 24th June 2021 by Beat Magazine

Which hardware plug-ins do others like to use, what do they pay attention to when producing their music, how is their studio set up? When working with labels, producing remixes or at live events, one thing quickly became clear to our host Rüdiger Keller: everyone has their own style, not only musically, but also when it comes to creators. This led to the idea ... hey... let‘s make a podcast on this!

Talking to musicians face-to-face

The concept is simple: each show features a producer and three of his tracks. We talk about his approach to producing, tools and techniques and, most importantly, the fun of it all. It doesn‘t matter how successful the guests are. What counts is what they have to say. We talk about technology, production methods, views and also one or another hot tips for the studio.


Andy Bach, featured on this podcast, is a professional DJ, Label Manager and Producer. His sound explores many undercurrents of Electronic Dance Music, including Disco, Nu-Disco, House and Deep House, to name a few. Active in the music scene since the mid-90s, Andy has always loved music and learned to play the piano and accordion as a child. In the 80s, he liked Independent Music and New Wave a lot, until he came across Acid House in the late 80s. Since then, electronic club music has captivated him. So a big influence a little later was Acid House and Trance. At that time, he was a big fan of Techno and House from the 90s until today. Besides House, the Sound of Vienna by Kruder & Dorfmeister influenced him a lot, as did the French House sound. Andy has various projects for different music styles, such as Freshair for Melodic Techno, Andy Bach for Deep-House and Nu Disco, and Saus & Braus for (Vocal-) House, just to name a few. His love for music and club music drives him again and again. To this day, Andy gets a lot of encouragement from music fans, which is reflected in his regular Beatport rankings. With what has become a fairly large release catalog on various labels, he is very active as a Producer. In the podcast, we talk about working as a Label Manager and what to look out for when sending demos to labels. We take a look at what DJs expect in tracks from artists and, of course, we are interested in what instruments and VSTs Andreas has in use. So see you in the podcast!

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The Producer Blog
by Beat Magazine

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