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Wide frequency spectrum studio headphones by KRK

Published 5:04 pm on Monday 27th September 2021 by Beat Magazine

Thanks to the self-aligning bracket system, a high level of wearing comfort and a first-class representation in the stereo image are promised. The maximum volume level achieved by the KNS 6402 is 122 dB SPL and 124 dB SPL by the KNS 8402. The impedance in each case is 36 ohms. The scope of delivery also includes a replaceable cable with gold-plated mini-jack plug plus cleaning cloth and carrying pouch. The main applications for the headphones include mixing, recording and editing.

Preis und Verfügbarkeit

The KNS 6402 headphones are priced at $99 and the KNS 8402 at $149. Both models are available immediately.

KRK Systems

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