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Sonic enhancements for Omnisphere from Spectrasonics

Published 12:45 pm on Monday 25th October 2021 by Beat Magazine

Nylon Sky is an expressive acoustic (nylon) guitar that has also been given the Sky Verb and Sky Channel effects. Unclean Machine wants to cover the retro and lo-fi genre of synthesizer sounds to the exclusive effects Unclean Channel and Unclean Verb, while Seismic Shock is sonically oriented to cinematic sound effects and impacts to its two effects. All effects of the extensions can also be used in Omnisphere.

Price and availability

The memory-intensive Sonic Extensions are available now per piece for 149 US-Dollars. They are executable in VST, AU and AAX formats. To use the four add-ons, Omnisphere 2.8 is required for 399 Euros.


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