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Frischer Look und fetter Sound mit Hybrid-Synthesizer von Rob Papen

Published 12:22 pm on Monday 1st November 2021 by Beat Magazine

Also new is the Audio Follower Input for side chain control with eleven inputs. As before, the plug-in legend has three oscillators plus sub-oscillators. Frequency selection is handled by two analog-modeled filters with a choice of 38 filter types. Sound shaping is done by four envelopes and the two multi-envelopes. A modulation matrix with 20 slots, preset morphing and the X/Y pad that can be combined with it illustrate the versatility of the sound design. Up to 34 modulable effects and four LFOs can also be accessed.

Price and availability

Predator-3 can be purchased immediately for 149 euros. It supports VST, AU and AAX formats.

Rob Papen Predator-3

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