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Stompbox deluxe

Wide sound with Chorus floor pedal from Eventide

Published 9:59 am on Friday 5th November 2021 by Beat Magazine

For psychedelic flanging, phasing and univibe sounds, the Swirl footswitch provides. In addition, there is an active footswitch. The connections of the MIDI-enabled pedal include stereo line inputs and outputs. There is a rear panel level control for adjusting the level to guitar, synthesizer, FX loop or DAW interface. A three-phase LFO modulates delay times and adds movement to the stereo field. Using the Eventide Device Manager software, five presets can be loaded via the footswitches. In total, however, the pedal is capable of storing up to 127 presets.

Price and availability

TriceraChorus can be purchased now for 403 Euros.


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