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Synthesizer update from Arturia - now with wavetable import

Published 7:55 am on Tuesday 9th November 2021 by Beat Magazine

Of the 320 manufacturer's own presets, 64 presets have been newly added by the update. Another new feature is the accelerated scroll speed of the encoders. Last but not least, the sound generator gets unison and chord modes through the update, which can also be used for the 64-step sequencer. The USB-enabled Microfreak also features 18 digital oscillator modes, a modulation matrix, an ADSR envelope, an analog 12 dB multiband filter and can be played on 25 keybed keys. Furthermore, there are CV/Gate and modulation outputs and a powerful arpeggiator.

Price and availability

The update can be downloaded free of charge by all Microfreak owners. The synthesizer is available for purchase for 329 Euros.


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