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Mobile keyboard instrument

Compact MIDI controller keyboard from AKAI with fat software

Published 11:19 am on Monday 24th January 2022 by Beat Magazine

In addition, there are the eight optimized velocity-sensitive drum pads ported from the MPC, as well as the four encoders. Different parameters can be assigned to the encoders, e.g. for automations. Next to them, the set parameter values are shown on a small display. There is also a small red joystick. If you don't want to work up to 14 hours by battery, a USB connection is also possible. The purchase price also includes a comprehensive software package, which includes the DAW MPC Beats and plug-ins like Hybrid 3, Mini Grand and Velvet from AIR Music.

Prica and availability:

Controller keyboard MPK mini Play mk3 is now sold at the price of 156 Euros.

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