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DAW Update

Better mastering with PreSonus Studio One 5.5

Published 9:24 am on Thursday 27th January 2022 by Beat Magazine

To adjust the volume, you can choose from various predefined settings (e.g. YouTube, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal etc) before exporting. Furthermore, there is a new dithering algorithm that is supposed to reduce noise and artifacts. In addition, sample-accurate clip envelopes have been created for the Project Page. Also new is the Listen Bus function as an extra monitoring control in the Project Page. In addition, MIDI files can be dragged and dropped directly into the Chord Track.

Price and availability

For registered users of Studio One 5, the DAW update is offered for free. New customers can purchase Studio One 5.5 as a one-time payment for 399 Euro or for 14.95 Euro monthly.
Presonus Studio One 5.5

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