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Education feature: BIMM Institute

Spotlight: Studying at the BIMM Institute

Published 9:24 am on Wednesday 9th February 2022 by Beat Magazine

BIMM Institute Hamburg

The BIMM Institute Hamburg is located in the heart of St. Pauli and thus the Hamburg music scene and has the advantage of a small student community and familiarity. This location is also characterized by its proximity to the local and international music industry - not least thanks to the lecturers. Music industry clubs and companies are just around the corner. Thanks to the first-class network, there are numerous opportunities for internships during your studies. Even if the BIMM Institute in Hamburg is smaller and more manageable than in Berlin, you will also find unique professional facilities here. From September 2021, students can experience the new college rooms near the Karostar music store in St. Pauli. This comes up with state-of-the-art professional classrooms, with equipment and software from the world‘s leading musical instrument manufacturers who actively support the institute. There are soundproofed performance rooms, ultra-modern Mac suites, lecture and practice rooms as well as a multifunctional and production room.

BIMM Institute Berlin

If you attach importance to studying directly at the pulse of the international music scene, then the BIMM Institute Berlin is extremely interesting. It is located in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg - an area that is undisputedly the creative and economic center of the German music industry. The BIMM Institute Berlin has been at home in the House of Music, Berlin‘s music hub, since 2019. It shares a location with Music Pool Berlin, Noisy MusicWorld and well-known companies such as Yamaha, Shure, MOD Devices and iZotope. The building has state-of-the-art professional premises with equipment and software from the world‘s leading musical instrument manufacturers who actively support the institute. The students have direct access to the institute‘s own college rooms, and 20 rehearsal rooms are also available at reduced rates through the partner Noisy Rooms. In addition to the unique rooms, the great network is a big plus. This gives students a direct connection to the local creative music community.

The BIMM Institute Hamburg has become a central place in the Hamburg music scene. It is fascinating to see our students expressing their creativity with our state-of-the-art equipment. Seeing them become part of Hamburg's music scene - collaborating with fellow students, networking and performing on stage - is unique.

Anna Marks, College Principal, BIMM Institute Hamburg

The courses of study at the BIMM Institute

BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance Bachelor degree (3 years)

This course is aimed in particular at bassists, drummers, guitarists and vocalists who want to bring their technical, playful and musical skills to a professional level. The content includes instrumental and performance skills, music theory and the use of technology. With optional modules, you can tailor the course to your artistic and career goals. Contents such as composition, arrangement, improvisation, the psychology of music and the creation of sample libraries are also available. Daily learning takes place in large live rooms, smaller studios and classrooms, so that you can learn everything you need for a career in the music business right away.

Berlin + Hamburg | Language: English 7.950 Euros per year

BA (Hons) Music Production Bachelor degree (3 years)

This course is primarily about how music is recorded, mixed and mastered. With a focus on the creative process, technical knowledge and musical skills for working in studios and on stage are taught here. This course is an excellent preparation for a career in many jobs in the music and creative business such as artist, remixer or sound designer. Practical learning, including collaborations with other artists and the recording of musicians, plays a very important role. You will also learn how to produce your own electronic music and learn important basics for jobs in the music, film and TV industries, as well as in audio post production and education.

Berlin + Hamburg | Language: English 7.950 Euros per year

BMus (Hons) Songwriting Bachelor degree (3 years)

Contents such as songwriting techniques, the writing of texts, aesthetics, the composition for different genres as well as the creation of music with modern technology are the focus of this course. Also the topic how to release music is not neglected either. In the institute‘s modern facilities, you can work with other songwriters, artists and producers every day to gain valuable practical experience. Important cornerstones are solo and group performances, songwriting for commercial music and music production for film, TV and online channels. As with the other degree programs, there are also optional modules here so that you can put together additional content yourself.

Berlin + Hamburg | Language: English7.950 Euros per year

BA (Hons) Music Business Bachelor degree (3 years)

This course provides an excellent basis for entrepreneurship in the music business. Its contents include artist management, freelance work, traditional and digital marketing, music publishers, copyright law, social media, the live industry, music recording and sales. The enormous spectrum of content ranges from planning and forecasting to project management and financing to the publication of music and digital marketing. Optionally selectable modules allow you to further specialize. Topics such as the management of a record label, creative video production, business and culture of hip-hop or electronic music, live sound as well as touring and live events are offered here.

Berlin + Hamburg | Language: English 7.950 Euros per year

MA Popular Music Practice Master‘s degree (1 or 2 years)

The Popular Music Practice master’s degree can only be studied in Berlin. Certain admission requirements must be met, such as an existing bachelor‘s degree or previous work experience in a relevant field. The Popular Music Practice course, which leads to a Master’s degree, is aimed at performers, producers, composers or entrepreneurs and was developed by the music industry. Thus, it has a high relevance for working as music educators and researchers as well as advanced musicians. The module selection is based on a balanced mix of theory and practice with topics including the scope with music technology, collaborations and work on a project in which the acquired knowledge is incorporated.

Berlin | Language: English Full-time: 9.500 Euros, part-time: 5,800 Euros per year

Beat / Why is a course at the BIMM Institute right for music creators?

Eva Lynch / Studying songwriting at the BIMM Institute was crucial to my growth as an artist and musician. I tend to write best with a deadline in mind, so the songwriting degree is best for my productivity - an unlimited pool of inspiration and collaboration. It‘s great to work with lecturers who are up to date and active in today‘s music industry. That means you will leave each class with practical knowledge that you can use to advance your career goals.

Beat / How does studying at BIMM Institute help me to start a career in the music industry?

Anton Rangardt / You won‘t find the constant support and interaction with lecturers at other universities and it is so useful for developing your own career in the music industry. You are surrounded by industry experts who take your ideas and projects very seriously and their input is priceless. They help you with everything - from finding a job through contacts to developing an idea for a real and functioning project.

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