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Waves präsentiert seinen ersten Sampler, die BEAT gratis Samples dazu

Published 8:22 am on Thursday 17th February 2022 by Beat Magazine

The Sampler Finder Cosmos is used to structure your own extensive sample pools according to tempo, key, BPM, character and other criteria. This should make it possible to manage all samples automatically in a large database. Visually, the plug-in is reminiscent of the Xo drum sampler by XLN Audio, as well as Algonaut Atlas 2 and the standalone app Sononym.

Video: 5 MUST-KNOW Sampling Tricks | CR8 Creative Sampler

The newcomer ships with a 2 GB library of samples. The BEAT mag staff have added another 3.8 GB of must-have loops, drums, synths and vocals for slicing, beat-building, create-gigging and simply being inspired. And all that for free! Go to the sample pack here.

Price and availability

The Cosmos Sample Finder is offered free of charge. The CR8 Sampler is available in AAX, VST, VST3, AudioUnit formats and currently offered at an introductory price of $9.99 USD and will later cost $34.99 USD. Here is the link to the Waves website. The free sample pack is available at ZamplerSounds.

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