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Simply super - Buy tickets now for SUPERBOOTH22

Published 12:03 pm on Thursday 24th February 2022 by Beat Magazine

In the main building and around it 150 exhibitors with electronic musical instruments present themselves so far. The anniversary event SUPERBOOTH22 will be expanded for the first time to include SOOPERgrail, a trade fair for guitar enthusiasts. Techno and electronic music are the basis of SUPERBOOTH, but the symbiosis with the craft of other areas opens many new doors.

Price and availability:

For a day ticket can be purchased for each day individually for 35 euros each (reduced 25 euros). A three-day ticket costs 90 euros (reduced 70 euros). For SOOPERgrail, a one-day ticket costs 18 euros (reduced rate 15 euros). The two-day ticket costs 30 euros (reduced 25 euros). Tickets can be ordered in advance or online.


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