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Analogsound mit Studio- und Livemixern von Yamaha

Published 7:54 pm on Monday 28th March 2022 by Beat Magazine

All models should unite thanks to the D-Pre microphone amplifier, the warm analog sound of consoles. For frequency correction, a tone control is available to the channels. High level peaks can be attenuated with the pad button. In addition, there is a selection of 24 effects for fine-tuning, such as chorus, reverb and delay. Matching dynamics processing is available in the microphone channels with the one knob compressor. Other features include group busses on the larger models and aux paths for looping in additional effects.

Price and availability

The mixers, which can be installed in 19-inch racks, will soon be available from specialist dealers for 239 euros (MG10X), 379 euros (MG12X) and 559 euros (MG16X)..

Yamaha MG-Serie

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