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For sounddesigners

DIY competition for sound hobbyists from Thomann

Published 1:15 pm on Wednesday 20th April 2022 by Beat Magazine

First place will win a Thomann voucher worth 500 euros, second place a 350-euro voucher and third place a 200-euro voucher from Thomann.

To participate in the #DIYKitChallenge22 it is necessary to create an instrument and present it in a video on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube and upload it with the hashtag #DIYKitChallenge22. The video must be no longer than 60 seconds. It is important that the instrument is playable. Originality, the overall visual impression and quality are also important. The contest ends on Sunday, June 19, 2022 at 23:59:59.

More Infos:


Here you can find the Thomann approved kits:

Thomann Kits

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