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MIDI Controller Keyboards for FL Studio by Novation

Published 10:01 am on Wednesday 27th April 2022 by Beat Magazine

This gives rhythms a more human touch. The FPC and SliceX tools can also be triggered via the pads. While the pitch and modulation wheel are located on the left, the obligatory transport buttons Record, Pause and Play are found on the right of the control panel. Then there are the creative scale and chord modes. Browsing through presets can also be done on the controller. On the software side, a comprehensive package is included, including the FL Studio Producer Edition for six months, XLN Audio Addictive Keys, an AAS Session package and tools from Klevgrand.

Price and availability

FLkey 37 will be available from mid-April 2022 for 230 euros, FLkey Mini costs 110 euros.


Jetzt bestellen: FLkey 37

Jetzt bestellen: FLkey Mini

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