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Headphone mixes and more with monitor controller from SPL

Published 7:55 am on Friday 29th April 2022 by Beat Magazine

For the two headphone outputs on the front, there is a power amplifier as headphone amplifier and separate volume control, which operates as push-pull amplifier in Class AB mode. The Phonitor Matrix is supposed to be used to create optimal headphone mixes that lead to high-quality sound results on all kinds of stereo speaker systems. Responsible for this are the parameters Crossfeed and Angle, which control the crosstalk of the channels and the opening angle of the stereo stage. Furthermore, a talkback microphone can be connected. Functions like Dim, SP, HP Mute and phase inversion are included.

Price and availability

The MTC MK2 can be purchased immediately for 1289 Euro.


Order now here: SPL MTC MK2

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