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Connected to stream

USB mixer for live streaming from Yamaha

Published 10:52 am on Monday 2nd May 2022 by Beat Magazine

In addition to a headphone jack, there is also a monitor out for each of the outputs. The AG03MK2 even has two, but the AG06MK2 has an additional stereo out. Instruments such as electric guitars can also be played directly via the Hi-Z switch. Muting of the channels (mute), as well as attenuation via pad button is provided. Compressor, reverb, chorus or amp simulator are on board as DSP effects. Sample rates of up to 192 kHz are supported as resolution. The software bundle with WaveLab Cast, Cubase AI and Cubasis LE is included.

Price and availability

The AG03MK2 and AG06MK2 models will start shipping in May 2022. AG03MK2 will be available for 179 euros and AG06MK2 229 euros.


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