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Completely modulated

Effektmodulation Galore mit Caelum Audio

Published 3:01 pm on Monday 9th May 2022 by Beat Magazine

The graphic curves can be output voltage-controlled to external hardware via CV. There are four effect slots, each of which can draw from ten effects. There are two filters, two delays, as well as width, phaser, chorus/flanger, rate modulation, ring modulation and utility. For starters, 115 presets are already available. The plug-in can also be triggered via MIDI using One-Shot & Retrigger.

The manufacturer also offers the Flux mini 2 plug-in as a free, feature-reduced edition.

Price and availability

Caelum Audio Flux Pro is available for 49.99 GBP. It supports the AU, VST3 and AAX formats. Alternatively, the plug-in can also be used as an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for 6.99 euros.

Caelum Audio

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