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Space-saving modular system from Analogue Solutions

Published 12:24 pm on Tuesday 10th May 2022 by Beat Magazine

In total there are 12 analog VCOs, two LFOs, four VCAs, eight VCFs, two noise generators, four envelopes and two ring modulators. Two spring reverb effects, a 64 step sequencer, joysticks and a 2-channel LCD oscilloscope are also integrated. MIDI and USB have been omitted. Colossus AS200 Slim is a standalone synthesizer, but if you want you can layer it with Colossus and link it to the Giga modular system.

Price and availability

Those who can afford the necessary small change of around 23,500 British pounds, plus VAT and shipping, can order the Colossus AS200 Slim with up to three months' delivery time.


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