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Expanding audio interface

Clean transients and more dynamics with Focusrite

Published 8:10 pm on Wednesday 25th May 2022 by Beat Magazine

Phantom power can be added in two groups of four channels. In addition, Clarett+ OctoPre has eight line outputs, which can be found on a D-Sub connector. As resolution 192 kHz and 24 bit are supported. The preamps employ Air mode with relay-controlled analog circuitry to better bring out the transients. A gain boost of up to 57 dB is possible. The audio interface comes with the Hitmaker Expansion Software Bundle, which includes Auto-Tune Access from Antares and tools from Brainworx, Softube, XLN Audio and Relab.

Price and availability

Clarett+ OctoPre can be purchased from retailers for 799 Euros.


Order now: Focusrite Clarett+ OctoPre

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