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More effects and sounds for Bitwig modular DAW

Published 9:33 am on Thursday 30th June 2022 by Beat Magazine

The convolution reverb, which is also capable of true stereo, also has an envelope to shape the impulse responses. Also new is Delay+, an effect with which delays can be set not only in beats or seconds, but the tool is also capable of ducking. External VST plug-ins or the in-house pitch shifters or Flanger+ can be inserted into the feedback loop. Furthermore, the Polymer synthesizer has been expanded by an oscillator and The Grid has also been expanded by additional modules. Last but not least, the update also includes the sound package The Drift with over 100 presets.

Price and availability

Bitwig Studio 4.3 is available free of charge for registered users with current upgrade plan. The full version Bitwig Studio 16 Track costs 399 Euro.

However, until July 31, the software is available at a discount price of 299 Euros.


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