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Full pack of sounds

Over 13,000 presets for effects and instruments in the bundle from Arturia

Published 7:29 am on Wednesday 20th July 2022 by Beat Magazine

FX Collection 3 has been expanded to a total of 26 effects with the addition of two new distortion effects, the Mello-Fi tape effect and the Efx Fragments granulator. The user interface of the existing effects has also been updated. The Exploration Sound Library hides 50 expansion packs with more than 4000 presets. The selection of all plug-ins, effects and soundpacks of over 13,000 presets that Belledonne offers is huge.

Prica and availablbility

The Sound Explorers Collection 2 Belledonne can be purchased now for 789,- EUR. The plug-ins supports VST, AAX and AU formats.

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