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Simple operation of complex delays for mixing and sound design from UVI

Published 8:50 am on Monday 1st August 2022 by Beat Magazine

In addition, there are various sections including Modulation, Rotation, Feedback Shaping, Diffusion, Dispersion, Tape Saturation, Digital Grit and Delay. Feedback Shaping also includes a bell filter, as well as high and low pass filters. Digital Grit acts as a kind of bit crusher, while Tape Saturation emulates analog tape saturation. A lot of presets have also been thought of, which are divided into different delay categories. Among other things, there are ping-pongs, modulation delays or just mono delays. For reference purposes, the A/B parameter can also be used to switch between two settings.

Price and availability

The 2-channel Delay Dual Delay X supports VST, AU and AAX formats and is available now for 59 Euros.

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