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Morph me please

More dynamics with morphing tone control from Minimal Audio

Published 8:57 am on Friday 5th August 2022 by Beat Magazine

The macro controls are new. With them, for example, you can morph using the drawn paths, control the cutoff of the filter, or create wide stereo effects. Any combination is also possible thanks to the seven filter types. Analyzing the sound in real time is also no problem. There are over 100 presets from the factory to try out immediately, but you can also create your own. Edits can be undone via Undo / Redo. Each of the EQ points can be edited either in the single channel, in stereo or as a center/side signal.

Prica and availability

Morph EQ is immediately available for sale at the price of 49 euros. It is offered in AU, AAX and VST formats.

Minimal Audio

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