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Optimize sound quality

Better audio restoration with iZotope RX10

Published 7:49 pm on Thursday 8th September 2022 by Beat Magazine

The transcription can then be used to search for specific words. Another practical feature is the Dynamic Adaptive Mode implanted in De-Hum, which automatically removes specific noises. Furthermore, the Spectral Recovery technology has been optimized. This is supposed to refresh recordings that sound too dull by adding missing frequencies in the lower frequency range. The algorithm of the Selection Feathering function has also been improved.

Price and availability:

The iZotope RX10 suite can be purchased for 109 euros (Elements), or 329 euros (Standard) or 879 euros (Advanced). RX10 can be used standalone or as a plug-in in AU, AAX, VST3 formats..

iZotope RX10

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