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And it went BOOM

Mobile recording with Apogee audio interface plus DAW

Published 8:57 am on Wednesday 21st September 2022 by Beat Magazine

There are two inputs (XLR combo and jack) and outputs each. Thanks to the microphone amplifiers (with up to 62 dB gain) and the high-quality resolution, guitar, keyboard, percussion or vocals can be recorded. The outputs for speakers and headphones are located on the rear panel. The zero-ohm headphone jack promises excellent listening pleasure even for high-impedance hi-fi headphones. With the help of the integrated hardware DSP effects and the Symphony ECS Channel Strip, the input sources can be processed with a 3-band EQ, compressor and a drive control. The integrated mixer still brings a loopback mode with it. The DAW Ableton Live Lite is also included, as well as the USB-C cable plus the adapter to USB-A.

Price and availability:

BOOM can be purchased immediately for 439.11 Euros.

Apogee Boom

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