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Patches Of The Month - 10 essential Settings for bx_console Focusrite SC (+ Free Download)

Published 10:50 pm on Sunday 16th October 2022 by Beat Magazine

Fat vocals in the blink of an eye

With its extensive features, Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC makes a great vocal channel strip. Our BEAT-In Your Face Vocals preset is a good starting point for assertive and fat vocals for Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and more. The plug-in‘s compressor produces a powerful and direct sound and a consistent level without making vocals sound over-compressed. Use the De-Esser‘s Sensitivity control to adjust how much obtrusive S sounds are cut in the left-hand control range. If vocals sound too nasal, you can correct this with the Peak EQ in the lower left. The frequency is already set appropriately, you only have to reduce the Peak Gain accordingly. With the LMF Control in the equalizer section, you can give your vocals more fullness. If they sound boomy, it makes sense to reduce the gain here. And for more presence and treble shine, you can use the shown settings of the HMF and HF shelving filters. Simply turn up the Gain controls as desired.

Banging beats, we promise!

The patch BEAT Drum Smasher transforms even unspectacular acoustic and electronic beats into brutal groove monsters! It is particularly effective on acoustic drums with a certain ambient sound. The most important role here is played by the strong compression with minimal Attack Time, which packs a punch, thanks to a Threshold value of about -13 dB. For even more punch, the Equalizer section boosts the sub-bass and frequencies above 3 kHz, as well as the wide-band Peak filters that emphasize the bass and high mids.

Tip: Try switching on the Gate effect for a crisp gated drums sound.

Growling E-Bass for Rock & more

Particularly in styles like Rock and Metal, growling electric bass sounds are in demand. But is it possible to elicit these sounds from an electric bass recorded directly without an amp simulator? We have taken up this challenge with Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC! In the „BEAT-Rock Bass“ preset, the compressor reduces the dynamics to achieve a more even level. We have chosen the equalizer frequencies so that you can dose the foundation (LF), the „growl“ (LMF), the presence (HMF) and the treble shine (HF). You can emphasize the grip noise with the Peak Gain control in the lower left corner, which often makes basslines sound more lively. For a more distorted sound, just turn up In Gain. As with the other presets, it is important to adjust the output level to match the signal.

Staccato Strings on steroids

Whether it’s for film, game or trailer compositions or epic music: In densely instrumental orchestral pieces, it is not easy to help the very rhythmically important staccato strings to an assertive sound. This is where our „BEAT-Staccato Strings“ preset comes in. The compressor accentuates the short touch of the strings with the bow. Due to the parallel compression, the strings still sound natural. For the desired presence and airy sound, we boost the treble with the HMF and HF Filters.

Crispy Pop piano

In classical music or in solo piano pieces, it is somewhat frowned upon to compress the sound of a piano or grand piano. In Pop, Rock or Dance this is, of course, quite different, because the instrument here often has to assert itself in a dense mix. For this reason, we have created a suitable patch called „BEAT-Pop Piano“. First, the compressor brings the piano more to the foreground. Depending on the level of your instrument recording, the Threshold and Gain should probably be adjusted. For a more natural sound, you can simply reduce the Mix Value. Turning the Gain knob on the LMF Filter will emphasize the foundation, and HMF and HF will add clarity and treble shine. Does the piano sound too muffled or not full enough? A gentle twist of the Peak Gain knob can help.

Here you can download the 10 patches for bx_console Focusrite SC

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