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Synth plug-in for free

New free synthesizer with multi samples from UJAM

Published 12:14 am on Monday 14th November 2022 by Beat Magazine

DRIVE owns can work with two layers per voice and is familiar with both the synthesis forms virtual-analog, wavetable and FM. In addition, multi-samples are also integrated in the sound generator, which also explains the size of over 1.2 GB. Furthermore, there are five-stage envelopes, LFOs and a multi-mode filter. Under Finisher the effects Transient, Chorus, Flanger and Focus EQ can be applied. Random new sounds can be generated via the cube icon. A complex modulation matrix and a step sequencer are also on board. DRIVE supports AAX, VST and AU formats.

Price and availability:

DRIVE is now available for free download. You can find more at UJAM.

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