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How to solve problems in the mix - with Studio One 6 (+FREE DOWNLOAD)

Published 10:04 am on Wednesday 30th November 2022 by Beat Magazine

1 String noise

A classic use of a dynamic EQ is to cut the string noise of guitars or basses when it gets too loud. For example, if we run the bass riff „095_Jump_Loop_Bass 1_E“ through the Ampire amp simulator, the string noise sounds too obtrusive. With Pro EQ3, you can remedy this in no time. Load the equalizer as an Insert effect.

2 The problem

Activate the MF Band and set Freq to 3.00 k and Q to 2.00. If you now reduce Gain to -6.00 dB, the string noise will be lowered, but the complete bass riff will sound much duller. The solution is the dynamic mode in Pro EQ3. Click on the D switch of the MF Band. Set Gain back to 0.00 dB and Threshold to -35.00.

3 The solution

With Range, you determine how much the low frequencies are cut. A value of -6.00 delivers good results here: String noise is reduced without the bass losing clarity. Another typical application for dynamic equalizers is when the kick and bass collide, so that the track does not groove properly.

4 Bass and kick clashing?

This problem can be solved either with sidechain compression or a dynamic EQ. For our example, we‘ll use a bassline from Mojito (see the booklet data for a preset) and a bass drum from Studio One‘s sample library. On the Mojito track, we load Pro EQ3 as an Insert effect and activate the Sidechain option.

5 Sidechaining

Then, click on the Sources button to the right and check the Send box for the bass drum track. Now the curves of the bass and the bass drum are displayed so that you can easily identify overlaps. The settings shown here ensure that the low frequencies of the bass are dynamically cut when the bass drum is played.

6 Rhythm pad

In this way, you can also rhythmize a pad. A clap sample, for example, works well as a sidechain signal. If you activate the Output option, the clap sound itself cannot be heard. Now you can boost (positive Range value) or cut (negative Range value) frequencies of the pad when the clap sample sounds. Have fun experimenting!

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