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Want to go to the next level? New HOFA courses for aspiring producer experts

Published 8:13 am on Saturday 10th December 2022 by Beat Magazine

HOFA online: learn comfortably from the studio

The online campus provides access to all course content. This has also been redesigned for better structuring of the course content, workshops, videos and practical exercises. For these purposes, an innovative ear training tool for mixing and mastering has also been integrated.

The distance learning courses are strongly practice-oriented. Therefore, HOFA College V3 focuses even more on hands-on exercises. The personal support of the tutors is also intended to contribute to a successful career in music production.

The PRO course contains many modules from areas such as recording, mastering, drum programming, sound design, harmony and acoustics. In it you will learn topics like:

  • Microphoning of various instruments
  • The most important microphones
  • Preamps & Effects
  • Workflows
  • Microphone technology
  • Recording vocals & speech
  • Monitoring and Communication
  • Room optimization
  • Monitoring situation
  • Mastering in the mixing session
  • Make the mix "ready for the outside world
  • Rhythm & grooves for different genres
  • Songwriting & arrangement for drums
  • Music theory (scales, intervals, rhythm)
  • Chords
  • Songwriting
  • Arrangement
  • Absorption and Diffusion
  • Acoustics in the studio
  • Psychoacoustics

You will receive the Audio Engineer certificate at the end of the course. You will also receive certificates for all successfully completed topics. Your Audio Engineer certificate can be fully credited to the continuing DIPLOMA course. With the DIPLOMA degree, you then qualify for the Bachelor's degree in Audio Engineering & Music Production.

Free for the duration of your distance learning course: All 47 HOFA plug-ins

  • IQ-Series EQ, IQ-Series Reverb, IQ-Series Limiter, IQ-Series Comp, IQ-Series DeEsser & IQ-Series Analyser
  • The complete mastering suite CD-Burn.DDP.Master PRO
  • FX-Suite with Saturator, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Algoverb ...
  • And all other plug-ins from HOFA

With the plug-ins you get a lot of tools for your distance learning course and your productions. However, the distance learning courses can also be completed with plug-ins from other manufacturers.

Price and availability

The HOFA-College V3 can be purchased at the introductory price of 111 Euro. Preorder now here.

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