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R.I.P. Mutable Instruments - is that it and where will the modules be available in the future?

Published 9:27 am on Monday 12th December 2022 by Beat Magazine

Mutable Instruments goes on!

Since Émilie Gillet released the concepts as open source a long time ago, a whole scene has already jumped on board and is diligently integrating them into their own synthesizers and modules. Arturias MicroFreak and MiniFreak, in particular, will keep the sound and ideas alive and Behringer is also busy cloning.

Reason users can also feel happy: manufacturer Presteign Sound Labs, together with the developers of Pongasoft, has taken on the Plaits module and presents Macro, a free synthesiser based on it. Just like the role model, Macro is supposed to be two things at once: an independent synthesizer with a unique sound palette that you can use immediately. Macro is available for free in the Reason Studios shop.

Virtual software euroracks like VCV Rack have long had the complete repertoire of Mutable Instruments under the Audible Instruments brand in their range. And completely free of charge.

By the way, the front design of the modules comes from the pen of Hannes Pasqualini of Papernoise Design, who is also responsible for the design of Leaf Audio and other manufacturers. Therefore, a small consolation: at least modules with his artistically decorated front panels will continue to appear.

Finally, all that remains is to say: Émilie, thank you for the great work!

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