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Filter like the synth legend

Dust off Korg filters for free from Arturia

Published 4:00 pm on Tuesday 20th December 2022 by Beat Magazine

In addition to the filter section, the Filter MS-20 also has the distortion section and output split. You can experiment with the order of the modules to create different distortion effects.

The plug-in can also be used to create auto-wah effects with the envelope follower or, if desired, shrill harmonics with a low-pass filter and high resonance. But the plug-in is also not averse to massive basses through high HPF resonance. Other uses are classic pumping sidechain effects by modulating the FX level with a decaying function, as well as stereo phasing effects with the stereo knob. There are 60 presets to try out.

Learn more about the history of the MS-20 in this video:

Price and availability:

Filter MS-20 is now available for free download. More info at Arturia

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