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Sound giant with 100 solo instruments from Best Service

Giant of sounddesign

Published 6:10 am on Friday 13th January 2023 by Beat Magazine

So a wooden touch of a marimba can create innovative sounds with the metallic sustain of a vibraphone. On each of the channels in the mixer, properties such as Chord Type, Transpose, Tune, the assignment of individual outputs, envelopes, etc. should be able to be edited. In addition, there is a complex sequencer that can be used to record single notes or even chords, which the sequencer adjusts to the tempo and chord progression. As a bonus, eight instruments of the "Chris Hein - EASY Series" are supposed to be included in addition to the package, including the vibraphone and the Grand Marimba.

Price and availability:

Chris Hein - OCTA can be purchased now for the price of 299 Euro and requires the free Kontakt Player version 6.7 or higher. You can find more info here at Best Service, where you can also order Chris Hein- OCTA right away.

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