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Mix/Remix Contest von HOFA – bis zum 31.01. mitmachen & fette Preise gewinnen

Published 1:10 pm on Monday 16th January 2023 by Beat Magazine

This year, prizes worth over 25,000 euros will be raffled. This includes 1000 Euro prize money for the best mix and remix of the contest song. The prizes this year are sponsored by Arturia, Auto-Tune, Steinberg, Neumann, Beyerdynamic, Sonarworks, Adam Audio, Spectrasonics, Toontrack, SPL, KORG, Image-Line, Ableton, Focusrite, Soundtoys, Modal Electronics, Shure, Novation, Avid, Teufel, Sennheiser, PreSonus, Sommer Cable and HOFA.

A jury of experienced audio engineers will decide who the worthy winners are after evaluating all the mixes and remixes.

You can upload your finished production here: HOFA Contest

You can get all further info HERE.

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