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Condenser microphone for streaming with IK Multimedia

Published 3:17 am on Friday 27th January 2023 by Beat Magazine

In addition, the volume of the headphone and recording signal can be adjusted. If required, callers can also be integrated into the stream via the loopback function. The apps iRig Recorder 3 LE (for audio and video recording), MixBox CS and MixBox SE are included as software add-ons. There is a stereo input to feed in external audio signals. In addition, there is another connection for headphones. In addition, there is a mini-DIN jack for connecting to the computer. Suitable adapters for Lightning and USB and a microphone stand with thread adapter round off the scope of delivery. The maximum resolution is 24 bits and 96 kHz.

Price and Availability:

The iRig Stream Mic Pro is available now for 203 euros. For more info, visit IK Multimedia.

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