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Over 4000 samples and MIDI files for free - only for a short time

Published 9:39 am on Friday 3rd February 2023 by Beat Magazine

The Baker's Dozen Bundle is divided into four packs. The first part, the Cthulhu Chord Presets, contains over 100 presets with progressions & chords. The second consists only of MIDI files with over 800 MIDI sequences, be it for melodies or drum patterns. In addition, the third part contains 20 construction kits, packed with chords, melodies, drums, percussions and basses. In the last part, Drums & Percs, there are 20 drum tracks with over 200 samples, consisting of percussions, sound effects and lots of 808 drums.

Price and availability:

The Baker's Dozen Bundle is available for free download until February 28. Download it now here at VSTAlarm.

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