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Mixer for streamer

Mixing on eight channels for live stream with Yamaha

Published 10:31 am on Monday 6th February 2023 by Beat Magazine

External players can be connected to the three stereo inputs. With the help of the internal DSP chip, the mix can also be provided with a variety of effects, including ducker, reverb and equalizer to voice changer. The mixer is even said to be suitable for mastering. Thanks to its compact design and built-in multi-channel USB audio interface, the AG08 also doubles as a take-along recording studio that can be connected to a computer. It also has six pads for playing samples or jingles, as well as four voice effect buttons. With the AG08 CONTROLLER app, complete access to all parameters is supported.

Price and availability:

The AG08 mixer will be available from February for 785 euros in stores. You can get more info from Yamaha.

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