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New piano and grand piano workstation from Nord Keyboards

Published 1:50 pm on Friday 17th February 2023 by Beat Magazine

The "Advanced String Resonance" and "Dynamic Pedal Noise" functions are intended to increase authenticity. The synth section has three independent layers with virtual analog synthesis, samples, FM and wavetables. The sample memory is said to have been doubled compared to the previous generation. The arpeggiator has been equipped with polyphonic, gate and pattern modes. There is also the organ section with emulations of the B3, Vox/Farsa and Pipe Organ models and a new effects section.

Preis und Verfügbarkeit:

The Nord Stage 4 will start shipping in April and can be purchased for 5115.81 Euros (Compact) or for 5472.81 Euros with 73 keys or for 5829.81 Euros with 88 keys. Learn more about it at Nord Keybords or order it right now at Thomann.

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