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Baby Audio Spaced Out

Patches of the month - 10 Fresh Presets for Baby Audio Spaced Out

Published 3:52 am on Thursday 16th March 2023 by Beat Magazine

Ambient Paint For Piano Arpeggios

Our preset „200 Ambient Piano Bliss“ transforms simple piano arpeggios into atmospheric ambient textures. For the Spaces engine, we chose the Outer Space program, which is designed for epic reverb tails. With the X/Y pad in this section, you control not only the length of the reverb tail (Length), but also the intensity of one of the four modulation effects. This patch uses the Phaser (Trippy). The Echoes engine, on the other hand, creates psychedelic reverse effects that make the sound pulsate rhythmically.

Drum & Bass Pimp Beats

In order to set sonic accents in Drum & Bass or Electronica, complete beats are often put through the effects wringer. This is where our preset „205 Flanger Things“ comes into play. This combines a small room simulation with a pronounced Flanger effect (Alien mode) with rolling echoes. Tip: Many of Spaced Out‘s parameters can be automated in the DAW, including the mixer‘s X/Y joystick (Dry/WetMix and Echo/SpaceMix). It is even possible to activate or deactivate the individual echo steps via automation.

Funky groove update for basslines

Want to add a dash of Funk to a minimalist bassline? With the „208 Funk Injection“ preset, you can add rhythm to basslines without delay and reverb getting in the way of the bass. The Small Space program enhances the sound with a short reverb. But the desired funk factor is provided by the Echoes module in Straight mode, with the Dimension mode Motion creating a Ping-Pong Delay. It is very important to filter out the low frequencies of the Delay effect. And the Ducker makes the effect signal pump rhythmically in Sync mode.

Epic reverb for pads

Of course, you can also use the delay or reverb module of Spaced Out individually. In our patch „209 Pad Scientist“, for example, only the reverb effect can be heard in outer space mode. This is best suited for pad chords played at slow tempo. Lush mode provides a subtle chorus and stardust provides a Shimmer effect. The joystick in the center of the control surface lets you crossfade between Reverb and a wide, dotted delay. And the lift off function makes the effect signal sound even more accentuated.

Scratch-like effect for Hip Hop beats

On mid-tempo Hip Hop beats, triplet delay effects can have a wonderful rhythmic effect, as the patch „201 Itchy & Scratchy“ shows. The key to the preset is the Triplet mode of the Echoes engine, and thanks to the LoFi Texture option, some retro flair comes into play. Again, the Ducker ensures that the Delay does not collide with the Beat input signal. The Spaces engine contributes a small room simulation with a slight Phaser effect. With this preset, be sure to try using the cube icon to create new echo patterns.

More Patch Highlights

Lord Of The Chord Spaced Out is a secret weapon for adding groovy delays to straightforward sequences. Try this preset on House chords or bass sounds rich in overtones.

House Recharger Even unspectacular House beats become groove monsters when you send them through this preset. The Ducker function ensures that the effects are accentuated on the off-beat.

Ambient Guitar Wash Use this preset to create ethereal floating soundscapes from clean guitar licks. Simply decrease the Length value of the Space module if the reverb tail is too long on your audio.

Freeze Baby This patch shows that experimental effect creations are child‘s play with Spaced Out. Simply run a minimal beat through the plug-in and experiment with the central joystick.

Swirling Arp A simple arpeggio with a percussive synth sound or a piano sound shines in a whole new, noble glow when you send it through this patch.


Hier kannst du dir die 10 Patches für Baby Audio Spaced Out herunterladen.

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