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ASM Hydrasynth

ASM Hydrasynth now with eight preset banks thanks to update

Published 6:24 am on Wednesday 5th April 2023 by Beat Magazine

In terms of sound programming, you can now access exciting random functions that boost creativity. Crunchy lo-fi sound can be achieved using the bit crusher (up to 2 bit resolution) on the oscillator. The arpeggiator's octave range has been increased to six octaves. The performance on the sustain pedal is said to have been improved thanks to the choice between the three modes Sustain, Sostenuto or Mod Source. The brightness of the parameters and wheels can also be adjusted in the system settings.

Price and availability:

For existing owners of Hydrasynth the update is free of charge. Hydrasynth costs 649 Euro (Explorer), or 1299 Euro (Keyboard), or 1899 Euro in the Deluxe Edition. The desktop model is available for 839 Euro. More Infos can be found here

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