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Cordial ECOHEMP - Sustainable cables in short test

Published 8:09 am on Friday 5th May 2023 by Beat Magazine

The whole thing is wrapped with a resistant mesh of hemp fibers in green-brown mottled hue, which provides an interesting splash of color in the studio. For regular use on stage, the textile jacket is not so well suited, since beer, dirt and other debris are not as easy to wipe off as from classic PVC jacket. In the desktop studio this does not matter, here you can enjoy the lack of plastic smell and the special design. Inside, you'll find the copper and plastic braiding familiar from other Cordial cables, which minimizes noise from external influences and ensures undistorted signal transmission with transparent highs and rich bass due to the large conductor diameter. The Neutrik connectors are also of the best quality and can also be purchased as silentPLUG version, which suppresses humming and crashing when plugged in and unplugged.

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