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Mackie DLZ Creator

Digital mixer for streamers from Mackie

Published 2:06 pm on Thursday 18th May 2023 by Beat Magazine

Bluetooth and USB are added on a digital basis. Up to four people can listen to the session simultaneously via headphones and mix individually. The in-house software Mix Agent supports the configuration of suitable settings as a production assistant. Using the built-in 14x4 USB-C interface, multi-track recordings can be realized either on a computer, or via external storage media. Effects on board include a parametric EQ, de-esser, compressor/gate, atomizer reverb and a delay. The DLZ Creator also has a large 10.1-inch color display, nine 100 mm faders and five dynamically color-coded knobs and six illuminated sample pads.

Price and availability:

The DLZ Creator should be available during Q2 2023 for 794.99 euros. You can find more information at Mackie

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