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Physical Modelling

Synthesizers for wind instruments by Erica Synths

Published 7:55 am on Monday 22nd May 2023 by Beat Magazine

Steam is used to generate the airflow and the associated envelope regulates the force with which it is blown out. DC/Noise is the sound that is obtained when it is blown out. If needed, DC/Noise can also be replaced by an external audio source. Pipe can be compared to a flute in which the melody is formed. The shape of the flute is changed there via the delay box. The reverberator gives the sound space and atmosphere. By the way Steampipe is also playable via an external MIDI keyboard. Steampipe is also a nuanced sonic exploration, from wisps of clouds to fairground organs to railroad industrial horns.

Price and availability:

Currently there is no information about the availability and price yet. Get more infos at Erica Synths

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