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Thomann Beatmaking Contest

Build beats and win great prizes with Thomann

Published 7:23 am on Thursday 25th May 2023 by Beat Magazine

Download the samples HERE. Upload then your beat to a cloud system such as Dropbox or Google Drive and enter the link in the raffle form.


The three best entries can look forward to the following prizes. The 1st prize will be rewarded with a Universal Audio Sphere LX Modeling Microphone and a Maschine MK3 Black from Native Instruments worth 1854 Euros. The 2nd prize includes the Universal Audio Sphere LX Modeling Microphone and iZotope Ozone 10 Advanced worth 1298 euros. For the third prize there is Arturia DrumBrute Impact, Steinberg HALion and Arturia FX Collection 3 with a total value of 997 euros.

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Here you get all infos about the Thomann Beatmaking Contest.

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