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FabFilter Twin 3

Patches of the month - 10 fresh presets for FabFilter Twin 3

Published 6:58 am on Friday 26th May 2023 by Beat Magazine

Kickstart your song!

As the preset name suggests, this multi-layered sequence is best suited for starting a song. In this patch, each oscillator has its own filter. Oscillator 1 and 3 create a simple bassline with emphasis on the offbeat, while Oscillator 2 combined with Filter 2 provides a sample & hold sequence. The fourth oscillator is tuned a fifth higher and, therefore, contributes a simple lead voice. By modulating the filter frequencies with the XLFOs, the sound sounds very rhythmically interesting.

Aggressive Acid Lines

Twin 3 also masters aggressive Acid sequences effortlessly, as the „Acid Rain Dance“ preset shows. The filter provides the desired biting sound when set to the Extreme Mode. The Filter Frequency and the Osc-1 Sync value are influenced by an XLFO, resulting in the Acid-typical filter modulations. XLFO 1 generates the sequence. Activate the Snap function of the XLFO and set the steps to the desired note values. You can also experiment with the Glide value of the individual steps. Tip: Use the Modulation Wheel and Aftertouch to create cool sound variations.

Wave Sequencing says hello!

The playback mode Per Oscillator is a secret tip for varied sounds that can remind you of wave sequencing. In this mode, each new note is assigned to the next oscillator. In our sound „Per Osc Pad”, we have set different waveforms for the oscillators, that modulate different oscillator parameters. The oscillator signals are individually processed by four bandpass filters with different frequencies. By modulating the frequencies and pan positions of the filters, the pad sounds very lively.

Bells from Space

In our preset „Liquid Space”, we also use the Per Oscillator filter mode. Oscillator 1 creates a bell-like sound with the sine waveform, supported by Oscillator 4 with a Sawtooth waveform. By modulating the Osc Level value, we rhythmize the oscillator signals and Oscillator 2 and 3 contribute sonic accents. Reverb, Chorus and Phaser are very important for the varied and spherical sound. Aftertouch influences the Filter Freq Offset, which makes the sound richer in overtones and more radiant.

Cool Vocal Sounds

Even though Twin 3 does not have its own formant filter, it is still possible to elicit vocal-like sounds from the synthesizer, as the „Formantor“ patch demonstrates. For this purpose, we have connected three filters in series. Feed these with waveforms rich in overtones, such as sawtooth or square. For vowel A, we set the filter frequencies to 660, 1700 and 2400. These are rhythmically modulated by XLFO1, which fades between the vowels A and I.

More Patch Highlights

A Little Bit Of Pluck Whether it’s House, EDM or Techno: this pluck sound gives your track a cool groove in no time with an eighth-note rhythm.

Connect Four+Arp This syncopated sequence works especially well when combined with a straight, danceable beat. You can either play a 1/8 or 1/16 line or activate the arpeggiator.

EDM Must-have With this simple but very effective sound, you can play either monophonic melodies or simple intervals. The Modulation Wheel controls the intensity of the vibrato.

Old School Strings A wonderfully lush string sound that looks great in synthwave great in synthwave, classical electronic music or trance. With the Modulation Wheel, you can create a fatter foundation.

Super Sawrio Chords for Trance or EDM? With this supersaw sound, you are guaranteed to fill every floor! Play chords with your right hand and the modulation wheel with your left.


Download here the 10 FabFilter Twin 3 presets.

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