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Arturia MicroFreak

Importing samples in MicroFreak by Arturia

Published 8:39 am on Tuesday 30th May 2023 by Beat Magazine

The update has also contributed to the fact that there are now over 300 factory presets and space for 512 slots.

At the same time, Arturia has still released the limited MicroFreak Stellar Edition, which comes in an extravagant space-age design. The control elements such as the touch keyboard with the 25 keys, the step sequencer, the six LFOs or the two envelopes, however, are identical to the series model. The connections with the MIDI input and output, as well as the outputs for CV, gate and pressure are also present as usual from the MicroFreak.

Price and availability:

The free V5 firmware update will be available for download to the USB synthesizer on May 30, 2023. You can get more info at Arturia.

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