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Ableton Live 11

DAW update with new synthesizer from Ableton

Published 7:35 am on Monday 12th June 2023 by Beat Magazine

Drift has a minimalist modern design and is accessible for all editions (Live Intro, Standard version and Live Suite). Drift is intended to be used for versatile genres of modern music and is inspired by classic hardware. The subtractive synthesizer is equipped with two oscillators and a noise generator. Various basic waveforms are used, which can also be morphed if required. A selection of presets has also been added to the core library. Songs over 180 BPM are not warped unless the song tempo is set to a desired tempo.

Last but not least, the DAW's cloud connection is said to have been optimized in addition to various small bug repairs. The CPU load is also supposed to be lower than before.

Price and avialability:

The update is now available for free for all registered users of Ableton Live 11. You can get more info at Ableton.

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