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Denon PRIME 4+

Stem separation with 4-channel Denon DJ controller

Published 7:00 am on Friday 23rd June 2023 by Beat Magazine

Thanks to the XY controller field, the TouchFX is supposed to allow interactive audio manipulation. Matching to this, the in-house operating system Engine DJ OS has also been updated to 3.1. Access to streaming music portals gets an addition with Amazon Music Unlimited as another source. In addition, the jog wheels are 10 percent larger than on the predecessor model. A total of 26 effects can be selected via the display, plus four filter effects. A pad sampler is also integrated. If required, a second mix can be output via a zone output for sounding a second room.

Price and availability:

The Denon PRIME 4+ can be ordered now for 2599 Euros. Get more infos at Denon.

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