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Korg Wavestate mkII

More polyphony for Korg wave sequencing synthesizers

Published 8:01 am on Wednesday 28th June 2023 by Beat Magazine

The velocity-sensitive keyboard has remained at 37 keys. If more keys are needed, Korg also offers the new 61-key model Wavestate SE. With this instrument, the polyphony is even increased to 120 stereo voices. A corresponding hardcase is included. Last but not least, Korg has announced the limited edition Wavestate SE Platinum. Although it is identical in construction to the Wavestate SE in terms of features, there is a visual difference due to the silver design and the aluminum control panel.

Price and Availability:

Korg is scheduled to ship the Wavestate mkII in September for 899 euros. The Wavestate SE is to be sold for 2199 euros and the Wavestate SE Platinum for 2399 euros (both in July 2023). More infos at Korg.

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