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Bitwig Studio 5

Better modulate with DAW Bitwig Studio 5

Published 8:15 am on Monday 3rd July 2023 by Beat Magazine

Scalable pop-out windows for the Steps modulators and MSEGs are intended to improve workflow. Furthermore, the Clip Launcher has been equipped with more options for activating scenes or clips. The internal browser has been improved in terms of operation and visualization to provide faster access to the various audio contents. The mapping options have also been expanded so that clips or scenes can be activated with hardware of choice.


When Bitwig introduced the first beta version 5 of the DAW, this met with a divided response in the community. Many users missed features like MIDI comping, retroactive MIDI recording, audio editing a la Melodyne or at least ARA support for better integration of such programs: Conventional features that other DAWs have
have been offering for a long time. But Bitwig never wanted to be like other DAWs, it was designed from the beginning more like a sound generator than a tape machine, which is why the most striking new feature MSEG integrates perfectly. Even if the new functions seem unspectacular at first glance: The longer we dealt with it in practice, the more we could discover the enormous potential. (for the complete test report, see Beat issue 08-2023)

Price and avialability:

The full version Bitwig Studio 5 is available for 399 euros. If you are already a registered owner of the DAW, you get the update for free.

By the way: Until July 31, 2023 you can get Bitwig Studio 5 for 299 Euro. Learn more at Bitwig.

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