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Revealed: 3 new synths from Behringer on the way

Published 6:04 am on Wednesday 19th July 2023 by Beat Magazine

Polysource is a new polyphonic synth, which is outwardly and from the synthesizer voices strongly inspired by the Moog Source, but technically acts in its own way. However, the possibility of patching is relatively limited with the single sync-in patch jack due to the Eurorack format.

Instead of a hardware clone, the new BX700 is supposed to show more originality. True, the 6-operator FM synth engine is said to be inspired by Yamaha's DX7 synth legend, and uses an analog filter from Yamaha's CX-80. But don't forget, a dedicated drum machine has also been added, so the BX700 should prove itself as a mini-synth groovebox.

Pricing and Availability:

Possible delivery dates and a price quote are not yet known for all models.

More infos: Behringer

Which of the models are your favorites, or do you prefer to swear by the originals?

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